Thermal Foil Sheets Offer Advanced Thermal Management in Smartphones

Angstron Materials Inc. has developed a family of thermal foil products ideal for smartphones, and other hand-held devices. The new thermal foil sheets have a thickness of from 5 um to 40 um and thermal conductivity between 800 W/m-K and 1,700 W/m-K. The sheets offer design flexibility and they are available in different grades; they are also cost-effective.

“Miniaturization results in less space to dissipate heat generated from today’s high-performance processors. Efficient thermal interface materials are critical for current and next generation devices due to the growing demand for greater functionality in smaller spaces like the new Apple Watch,” Ian Fuller, Angstron’s application engineering manager, said.

These thermal sheets are ideal for use in EMI Shielding, smartphones, tablets, laptops, flatscreen TVs and other applications.

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